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Depression and mood swings


Remove depression and get ahead in life
Major depression is characterized by one or more major depressive episodes, which are defined as experiencing two or more weeks of (1) depressed mood and/or (2) loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities. To be diagnosed with major depression, a person must experience one or both of these symptoms and a total of five or more depressive symptoms. .

Depression is a psychotropic disorder characterized by:

  • lowering or mood 
  • reduced energy and activity 
  • reduced capacity for enjoyment 
  • reduced self esteem and self confidence 
  • reduced concentration and marked tiredness after minimum effort 
  • disturbed sleep 
  • changes in appetite (diminished or increased) 
  • feelings of guilt and worthlessness 
  • recurrent thoughts of death or suicide 
  • any suicidal behavior

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