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Counselling sessions Motivational Seminar - interactive workshop consultation

Parent/Child Psychological Evaluation - Is your child OK? Find out and save your child from the pain of divorce.

  • Discover what creates and destroys love.
  • Learn why your relationship doesn't work.
  • End the cycle of conflict.
  • Heal your hurt.
  • Be free of guilt, anger and resentment.
  • Resolve disputes effortlessly.
  • Restore the love, one human being to another.
Expert guidance on how and when to make the most efficient use of the exercises
The opportunity for clients to work through issues such as adjusting to the loss, finding support, helping children, redefining relationships, and moving on.

Help clients dealing with divorce work through their problems between sessions.

Marriage counseling is aimed at keeping a marriage intact. Divorce counseling is aimed at taking a marriage apart, but doing so with dignity and respect.

Divorce counseling is a good idea for almost everyone. It should be strongly recommended for people who have children, and it should be mandatory for people who get mired in their hurt and anger.

People who are stuck in their hurt and anger often show up in court over-and-over, sometimes year-after-year to argue about issues that often seem silly.
  • What to tell friends and famililies when your marriage fizzles
  • Parenting tips: the effects of divorce on children
  • Good and bad reasons for a divorce
  • You will know it's time for a divorce when she does these things
  • When to divorce and when to reconcile: arguing and fighting
  • How to prevent a spouse for getting your children after a divorce
  • You will know it's time for a divorce when he does these things
  • When to divorce and when to reconcile: children and the family unit
  • Child custody and divorce
  • Reasons for divorce
  • Positive parenting after divorce
  • Is adultery destroying your marriage?
  • Emotional tips following a divorce
  • How to prepare your children for a pending divorce
  • Divorcing parents: helping your children through your divorce
  • Life after divorce: are you ready to date again?
  • The pros and cons of a do it yourself divorce
  • How to prepare for divorce
  • How to change your last name after divorce
  • When to use a do it yourself divorce and tips to get you started
  • How to tell kids about divorce
  • Parenting tips: how to help your daughter after she gets a divorce
  • How to talk to teenagers about divorce
  • Parenting tips: how to help children through divorce

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