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A now proven approach to developing leadership skills. Seminars for corporate executives looking for effective leadership training tools for interpersonal skills and getting what you want. Custom tailored seminars depending on the need of the corporate. Each seminar is diverse, unique, totally tailored work for each individual client. Some of the seminars we conduct are on ::

  • People Skills development for new managers, sales professionals, project managers, call centers, mid-level managers and senior managers.
  • How to speak effectively so people listen. Seminar is designed to improve your Effective Communication and promote Interpersonal Relationships. Understand Communication Dynamics, Body Language (verbal and non verbal) to become a more effective communicator.  Our communication skills training seminar includes making an impact, dealing with conflict and difficult people, influencing, negotiation and more.
  • Voice Tonality changers for stage speakers, like political or corporate CEO speech. People pick up a wide range of information from the quality of our voice.
  • Body Language How you appear before your audience is a communication in itself. Is it what you want to communicate?
  • Time Management  is a set of skills, tools, and systems that work together to help you get more value out of your time with the aim of improving the quality of your life. Successful people use time management to achieve outstanding results, both personally and professionally.
  • Leadership Skills Decisions that incorporate the ideas of a group of people are vastly superior to the single viewpoint of one person imposed on the rest of the group.
  • Stress Management How to Recognise Stress, Optimising Your Levels of Stress, Managing Life Crises
  • Problem Solving A way of improving street smarts for problem solvers is to present strategies that will enhance problem-solving skills.
  • Decision Making Overcoming Serious Indecisiveness An analysis of how people make decisions, offering practical guidance for making efficient and effective decisions.
  • Communication Skills Communication is best achieved through simple planning and control; this article looks at approaches which might help you to do this and specifically at meetings, where conversations need particular care.
  • Memory Improvement Studies show people learn new memory techniques faster, and retain them longer, when the training involves task-specific practice.

Seminars Workshops Coaching Consultation